Get started today! Benton Community seniors start buillding your student profile now.

1. Online scholarship application.

To start - log on to the application page and create your personal student profile. Basic information is collected - plus you are able to store and update key application components like your GPA, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation throughout your high school and college career-which means you'll only have to fill it out once, for potentially multiple opportunities.

2. One student profile = LOTS of possible scholarships!

By filling out a student profile, you'll see any and all of the BSF awards you qualify for-plus scholarships across the nation. Scholarship America, our affiliate organization, is working with partners to add new scholarships to the scholarship database. Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who's giving it out or where it's from, you'll be able to apply without filling out anything else! This means lots of opportunities for nationally offered scholarships plus all of our BSF awards!

3. Much more than just scholarships.

Your student profile and the student dashboard, where you fill out and update your information provide a single source for a wide array of information you need to know. As a student, you'll have free access to a wealth of financial aid and college success tools and resources; and, you will even be able to export a resume based on your high school accomplishments!