Forty-seven Benton Community High School graduates were awarded 51 college scholarships totaling $29,500 from the Benton Scholarship Foundation.

BSF is an affiliate of Citizens' Scholarship Foundation of America (CSFA). CSFA is the national non-profit parent organization of over 770 Dollars for Scholars chapters nationwide. Because these scholarships are from a Dollars for Scholars Chapter, most colleges or universities do not reduce student aid dollars by the scholarship amount. In some cases, the scholarship will receive partial or full matching dollars.

Class of 2011 recipients included:

1. H.O. Schloeman Memorial Scholarship - Joel D Parr

2. David Weichman Memorial Scholarship - Jamie L Hodnefield

3. Masonic Lodge Scholarship - Amber M Garbers

4. Linnie Schloeman/Young Corn Memorial Scholarship - Anna E Krug

5. Ruth Schloeman Memorial Scholarship - Anthony J Wenndt

6. Benton Scholarship Foundation Scholarship - Emily A Volesky

7. Mansfield Charitable Foundation Scholarship - Bryce A Cronbaugh

8. Alberta Owens Memorial Scholarship - Megan J Veldhuizen

9. Rudolf Pingel Memorial Scholarship - Nick E Schrader

10. Palo Savings Bank Scholarship - Laura E Simpson

11. Final Season Movie Scholarship - Benjamin M Jones

12. Benton County State Bank Scholarship - Rachael L Jacobi

13. Jason Seboldt Memorial Scholarship - Brooke E Visser

14. Watkins Savings Bank Scholarship - Erin A Nolan

15. Chad Hennings Scholarship - Abigail M Prusha

16. Ben and Nina Smith Memorial Scholarship - Ashley K Olson

17. Ron and Sally Donald Scholarship - Amber M DeNeve

18. Atkins Telephone Company Scholarship - Zachary J Twedt

19. Atkins Savings Bank Scholarship - Catherine L Steinfadt

20. Benton Mutual Insurance Scholarship - Kaylee M Betterton

21. Lillian Christian-Stoner Memorial Scholarship - Lucas W Hahn

22. Otis Tuttle Memorial Scholarship - Kadie J Woltemath

23. Keystone Savings Bank Scholarship - Chloe E Hopper

24. Roy Becker, Sr. and Becker Tiling Scholarship - Katherine E Kullmer

25. BankIowa Scholarship - Alex L Deeds

26. Chelsea Savings Bank Scholarship - Chloe D Schmidt

27. Royal Tuttle Memorial Scholarship - Haley R Mosley

28. Atkins Lumber Company Scholarship - Elisa A Phipps

29. Deb Allman Memorial Scholarship - Meghan E Steffen

30. Rausch Financial Services Scholarship - Travis C Vogel

31. Melissa Palmersheim Memorial Scholarship - Jerica M Samson

32. Ray and Gertrude Deflesen Scholarship - Seth R Schulte

33. Prusha Family Scholarship - Megan A Renfer

34. Harold Ritscher/Mary Adams Family Scholarship - Michael E Vajgrt

35. Louie and Joanne Kaiser Scholarship - Justin L Kaiser

36. Bruce Schulte Memorial Scholarship - Ethan Brehm

37. Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company Scholarship - Kelsey A Kuester

38. Dustin M Stoddard Memorial Scholarship - Dustin J Rinderknecht

39. Gahring Machine Scholarship - Ashley N Steele

40. Terry and Doris Markwitz Scholarship - Kristen L Myers

41. Coleman/Thompson Family Scholarship - Ashley Holmes

42. Sindt Implement Scholarship - Shae Kwapil

43. Irene Pohlmann Memorial Scholarship - Courtney M Semelroth

44. Kenneth and Etta Lee Scholarship - Mathew J Pohlman

45. In Memory of Dr. Donald and Verna Wagner Scholarship - Katelyn A DeRycke

46. Rick and Cindy Nolan Scholarship - Rachel L Kinser

47. In Memory of the Humphrey Boys Scholarship - Chase A Skoneczka

48. Debbie Manternach Memorial Scholarship - Jamie L Hodnefield

49. Hofer Family Scholarship - Joel D Parr

50. South Slope Cooperative Communications Scholarship - Anna E Krug

51. Benton Staff Payroll Deduction Scholarship - Anthony J Wenndt